We sell a variety of clothing and accesories to kit out the rider and non rider. For those wanting to get good quality riding helmets, check out our partner company Easyboot SA for their range of Troxel helmets.

ChapsCustom Chaps

Western Chaps

Our chaps are made from suede or top grain leather and are available in S, M, L and XL. All chaps are made to fit your exact measurements. Download the chaps form to fill in your measurements.

Make your chaps look smart by adding extra details such as tassels, conchos and a fringe; or even a veg top with tooling on it.


Cowboy Chinks

Custom Chinks also made.

Farriers Apron

Farriers Apron

Plain Spur Straps Cowboy Spur Straps

Plain and Cowboy Spur Straps

We do not sell the spurs.

Buckles & Bolo Ties

Western Buckles & Bolo Ties

A selection of Buckles and Bolo Ties are available. Please contact us to find out what we have in stock.


Genuine Leather Belt

Our leather belts can be plain or embossed as featured. All our belts are made so that buckles can be easily swopped out. No need for multiple belts, just change the buckle.


Cowboy Hats

A selection of western, straw and felt hats is available in different sizes. 
The Cattleman, White Mountain and Bangora western straw hats are made with palmleaf impregnated with resin to allow them to keep their shape.